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HD Joven: Letter from a young greek 48 hours before referendum

(Para leer el artículo en español, pinche aquí: Carta de un joven griego 48 horas antes del referéndum)   It’s certainly not an ordinary year. We are faced with a special challenge, and everybody is called to make a decision. Each generation lives and thinks according to its own experiences. However, the young people of Greece in particular will always wonder why they should be the ones dealing with this problem. Is it because of the government, our ancestors’ choices, the condition of the world’s economies, all these together or just something else we can’t even imagine? Although the current crisis is mainly social, it is also certain that you can’t blame the people, but the political circumstances. And yet, these days, the Greek society as a whole is being targeted more than ever. They get criticism from the press and citizens from other countries. We are called irresponsible, lazy, immoral, etc. And even if there was some truth in these words, it doesn’t represent each of us. How can all of us be put in the same bag? People are different, you can not be absolute. It is likely that you have never experienced the situation that we are […]