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Amnesty and lawfare in the PSOE Junts agreement

Hay Derecho is concerned that the agreement signed by the PSOE and Junts on November 9th by which Junts agrees to vote for the appointment of Pedro Sánchez as President is detrimental for the preservation of the rule of law and the constitutional order in Spain, for the following reasons: Firstly, it declares that its main objective is to overcome judicialisation through negotiation and political agreement. However, at no point it acknowledges that the framework in which such negotiations must take place is the Spanish Constitution. This is especially serious because the Constitutional Court is singled out as the source of the conflict for having preserved our Fundamental Rule in its ruling regarding the Catalan Statute, while Junts continues to claim the legitimacy of an illegal and unconstitutional secessionist process. Secondly, an amnesty is agreed for acts linked to this process that were committed “before and after the consultation of 2014 and the referendum of 2017”.  In this context the conclusions of parliamentary investigation commissions on cases of “lawfare or judicialisation of politics” must be taken into account, which, moreover, may “give rise to actions of responsibility or legislative amendments”. Such statements imply that there is a politically motivated judicial […]