Javier Zamora García

Senior Researcher

Javier holds a degree in Law and Political Science (Autonomous University of Madrid-UAM), an MA in Social and Political Thought (University of Sussex) and a PhD in Law, Government and Public Policy (UAM) with the thesis Neoliberal subjectivity, personal branding and social media platforms: a study on governmentality.

He was an FPU fellow in the Department of Political Science at the UAM, where he taught “Introduction to Political Science”, “Theories of Democracy” and “History of Political Theory”. He has been on research stays in Canada (Western University) and the Netherlands (University of Utrecht).

He has published articles in several academic journals, such as Journal of Classical Sociology; Isegoría, Revista de filosofía moral y política; Oxímora, Revista Internacional de Ética y Política; and Studies in Social and Political Thought. He was awarded the Gillian Rose Memorial Prize for his article “From the ‘Indignados Movement’ to power politics: a critical study of the theoretical underpinnings of Podemos”.